Books & Beans: The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner Series)

I haven’t done a book review in some time and I believe it is overdue. Especially since my last book review was part of a series and I left you hanging on the first book. Now, I know some of you subscribe to this blog because of the interesting relational topics discussed, but for those who read and enjoy the book reviews, I have decided to call this time Books & Beans. You will get a book review and a coffee/tea pairing to perfectly match the novel. Let’s begin Bookites!

The Book: The Scorch Trials (Book 2)
The Author: James Dashner
The Genre: Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic


After getting off the rollercoaster ride that is the first book in this series, you might think a breather is in order. Maybe you pick up an in between stand-alone just to take the edge off. Then, that nagging feeling starts gnawing away in the back of your mind. You need to know. You need to know what happens next. Everything was left at such a critical point, SPOLIER ALERT They finally gained their freedom and seemingly defeated WCKD. They are given all the reassurance that they are safe and protected from the clutches of their previous tormentor. Just as they are settling into this new life, a massive wrench gets thrown in and you realize, this is just the beginning.

This second installment exposes a whole new world, beyond the maze. You get to experience it with the characters as they venture out into the “real world”, the condition of which is a far cry from anything they had spent countless nights imagining. Phase 2 of what they are being put through is beginning and it’s one of pushing the boundaries of each character. Our hero, Thomas, gets betrayed in the most heart-wrenching way; and it so marks him that he is never the same after that point.
Everything is manipulated, controlled. They are puppets in a show, mice in a maze; and for the supposed benefit of humanity. They are the keys to unlocking the future, though they can barely recall their own names. They must get through, they must survive and that’s the name of the game. In the process of all this, new connections are made and old ones will be severed. True tests of friendship will occur and the truth will be exposed about who can be trusted and who can’t.

A character is introduced in this book that I feel in love with immediately, Brenda. She is a fast talking, brazen and supposedly diseased character. Most importantly, she will push Thomas in ways that have him questioning everything he set his foundation on in the first book. Can you say, love triangle?

This novel has it all: adventure, love, mind bending plots, crazy twists and turns. By the time you get to the end of it, you’ll feel like you just ran a marathon. So much emotion, so much distrust arises (for me as the reader). The mysteries do continue to unfold, but again, are like drops of water in the desert. Dashner gives you just the right amount of information that keeps you going and pressing forward; but not enough to make accurate predictions of the future; and in true trilogy fashion, beautifully sets you up for the final book, with a nice and juicy cliffhanger.

If you interested in more information on the book or other’s opinions of it, check out the link below:

This book has more bitter than sweet, so I’m gonna have to pull out all the stops to figure out what would pair perfectly. I would say a French press of…

French Roast

It’s a dark roast that is described as smoky and singular. Now, if that ain’t scorching, I don’t know what is!

Grab a pound from Starbucks, by clicking on to the following link:,default,pd.html


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