Jane Austen Praise Break

It has come to my attention that my recent posts have been a bit heavy. They tackle weighty subjects like identity, sexuality, marriage, etc… These are all topics worth discussing, but even the most contemplative person needs a break every now and then for some good old-fashioned feel good entertainment. So, this is my Jane Austen Praise Break. If you have not already come across these two series on YouTube, than you have seriously been missing you. Especially if you claim to be a Janeite. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved. Each web series is a modern adaptation of the the Austen novels we’ve grown to love so much. In particular, Pride and Prejudice and Emma. These series’ are clever, witty and engaging. They manage to stay true to the story lines that we cherish, while keeping it fresh with their own spins and twists. Definitely worth investing your time. Each episode is about 4-7 minutes long; and can easily be found on YouTube just be searching the titles.

To get you started I have included the first episode of each series. Enjoy my Little Darlings!

The Lizzie Bennett Diaries:

Emma Approved:


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